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How SwiftQuote simplifies grease compliance

We’ve worked with countless small business owners who struggle to keep up with their grease compliance deadlines – often resulting in avoidable fines. That’s why we created SwiftQuote, a free marketplace connecting business owners and local service providers.


Create job requests

Completing a compliance service with SwiftQuote is easy. You can post a job request and get free quotes from trusted service providers in your area. 

With SwiftQuote you can research, chat, compare and book providers from one place at the click of a button.

Get quotes from local service providers – for free

After you post a job, SwiftQuote alerts relevant service providers in your area. Once these providers review your job’s details, they can submit a quote to complete your request. 

You can review the quotes, access the providers’ credentials and choose the local provider that’s right for you. Providers will also be able to message you through the platform should they need more information before providing the quote.

You can set up your request so you only receive a quote from one provider if you’d prefer. If you already have a provider who is not on SwiftQuote, but you would like to use the platform, let us know and we will reach out to invite them to join.

Read provider profiles and customer reviews

You can review each provider by reading their profile, work history and reviews from other customers.

Customers on SwiftQuote can leave a review and rating after each service they receive. Only SwiftQuote customers can leave reviews, so you can trust this feedback.

Our ratings are the average score a provider has received across the jobs they completed through the platform.

Set up recurring services

You can also set up recurring services. We offer a feature that allows you to set up a service to occur on a specific timeline. So, if you are booking a monthly or quarterly grease pump out, you can automate the service and ensure you never miss a compliance deadline.


Paying for Your Service

Once the service is complete, you can pay your provider through the platform or in cash, whatever works best. 

Automate your compliance in a few clicks

In participating cities, all services completed through SwiftQuote are uploaded to your city database for you.

What does this mean for you? Simply put, you won’t ever have to upload any compliance documents. Once you book the service, you’re all set.

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