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Protect your business from fats, oils and greaese (FOG), and keep York blockage free with SwiftQuote.

Yorkshire Water has partnered with SwiftComply in a campaign to protect York’s water network. We provide food businesses with free kitchen reviews and best practice advice to protect themselves and the community against the impacts of FOG. 

Try out our free comparison tool SwiftQuote to connect with local grease management service providers and start simplifying your FOG management today.

The FOG threat
Did you know that around 40% of all sewer blockages in Yorkshire are caused by people putting the wrong things down their drains?

York is increasingly at risk due to the volume of FOG that is entering the sewer system. Blockages are affecting daily life in the community and damaging the environment, and as pressure on the sewage system continues to grow, more food service establishments are being directly impacted.

Poor FOG management leads to grease and oil being washed off plates, pans and utensils, where it enters your pipes and drains. This creates ‘fatbergs’ which block your sewers, causing bad odours and harming your reputation.

Many establishments feed these fatbergs by failing to install an adequate grease trap or employ best practices. Book your free kitchen review now and receive free training from the experts in FOG management.
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Join the growing community of food businesses keeping York fatberg free
Following a simple FOG management plan and maintaining a grease trap will protect your business from FOG and the threat of fines.

Safeguarding your kitchen doesn’t have to be hard: manage all of your FOG requirements in one place with SwiftQuote. Yorkshire Water’s free tool connects you with approved grease contractors and helps you get the best deal.

Create an account now and manage your compliance solutions in just a few clicks.
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SwiftQuote: the easiest way to protect your business from FOG

If you don’t have a grease management plan in place, your business is increasingly at risk of blockages and sewer overflows. Install and service appropriate grease management equipment using SwiftQuote, a free tool connecting food business owners with approved service providers.

Create a quote request today

Enter your job requirements and SwiftQuote will alert suitable service providers in your area. It’s simple and free.

Service providers respond

Once your quote is posted, you’ll get responses from interested service providers through SwiftQuote.

Compare and select trusted providers

Compare verified service providers based on reviews, price and availability, then hire the provider that’s right for you.

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Yorkshire Water has partnered with SwiftComply to provide food service entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources to protect your business and community.

Book your free kitchen review and receive best practice advice from the experts in FOG management.

1. Book a visit
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Schedule your onsite FOG review and ensure you are fully protected with our free training and advice.
2. Receive your report
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Upon completion of your review our team will create a specialised report with all of the information you need to ensure you are protected from FOG.
3. Stay FOG secure
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We will keep you informed of all the latest updates in FOG regulation as it relates to your specific establishment.

Book a visit

Schedule your onsite FOG review and ensure you are fully protected with our free training and advice.

Receive your report

Upon completion of your review our team will create a specialised report with all of the information you need to ensure you are protected from FOG.

Stay FOG secure

We will keep you informed of all the latest updates in FOG regulation as it relates to your specific establishment.

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“As a flood risk officer, I see first-hand what problems fat, oil, and grease create on our sewer network system.

We’re pleased to support this campaign with Yorkshire Water. Anything we can do to highlight the problems this causes, including fatbergs or other environmental damage, is a positive step.”

Steve Wragg
Flood Risk Manager at Yorkshire Water


Actionable guides and industry insights to support your food business


SwiftQuote is an online service that connects businesses with trusted service providers. Our goal is to support local communities and help small businesses thrive by building new clients for providers and keeping compliance simple.

Businesses create quote requests for individual service providers or all providers in their area. Providers are invited to offer quotes for work and can message the customer directly to understand the job specifics.

Customers select their preferred provider and schedule the service. Upon job completion, the provider uploads service details to SwiftQuote, and the customer either pays online via credit card or offline directly to the provider.

Save time: request a quote one time and hear from multiple suppliers in your area.

Stay compliant: service documents are automatically submitted to your local water company after SwiftQuote completion.

Gain control: set the schedule you want services to occur and ensure they’re completed on-time.

SwiftQuote is a free service for businesses. The only thing you pay for is your service booked through the platform. 

Yes! When jobs are completed through SwiftQuote, the work order or pumping manifest is automatically submitted to participating jurisdictions through SwiftComply’s compliance software.

Jobs & quotes

Select search providers. Choose the service you need and filter by location, price, experience, etc. Or use the magnifying glass on the right and search via company name.

If your current provider is not on SwiftQuote and you want them to be, we are happy to reach out on your behalf to invite them to join. Or, if you are not locked into a contract and are interested in trying a new provider, we are here to assist you in that process.

Click the ‘Get a quote’ button in the top right of your screen, as well as the button here on the left side of your screen. Select your service and answer the questions. This method will send the request to all providers in your area.

Navigate to the profile of the selected provider and click ‘Select this service’ button for the needed service. If the price is not listed, you will be sending a request for service, which will prompt the provider to send you a quote.

Send your quote request to all providers in your area. This gives you the opportunity to select the provider and price that best fits your needs.

Yes! Adding your location(s) information is key because it allows us to place you geographically and show you providers that service your area.

Navigate to your profile and select ‘Add new location.’ Simply answer the prompted questions and you’re all set.

We highly recommend it! By adding this information you are setting yourself up to receive the most accurate quotes and best deals.

Yep! We offer a selection where you can set up a service to occur on a specific timeline. We recommend scheduling this based on the frequency outlined in your grease trap inspection report.

Yes, please do! After a job is completed you will receive a notification prompting you to leave a 1 – 5 star review and/or comments.

Order numbers are randomly generated and become visible once you have quoted on the service request.

Under the Find Work tab you’ll see all available service requests in your area, each request will be accompanied by the customers name, like so.

Profile setup

  • To add or update a facility, log into your SwiftQuote profile and click onto your ‘Profile’ page.
  • Select ‘Add new location’ and fill in the prompt.
  • Once your new location has been added, click the blue ‘edit’ button next to the new facility.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Equipment’ section and add details about the facility’s equipment. We encourage our customers to add up to date photos of equipment to ensure you receive the most accurate quote possible.

Yes! Adding your facility information is a must because it allows SwiftQuote’s location services to send your service request to suppliers in the correct area. 

You have the ability to add multiple facilities at different locations to your profile. When submitting new service requests, you will be asked to select which location the service is for. 

We highly recommend it! By adding this information you are setting yourself up to receive the most accurate quotes and best deals.

When creating a quote request, you will be prompted to add equipment information. Though not a required field, we highly recommend including as detailed information as possible to ensure you receive the most accurate quote. 

If there is any extra information the prompts don’t list, but you’d like to addd, this can be included in the messages section of the quote request.

To edit or add new equipment information, sign into your SwiftQuote account and click ‘Profile.’ 

What SwiftQuote is all about

We help businesses protect their communities by simplifying compliance

At SwiftQuote, our mission is to connect business owners, trusted service providers and local water companies. 

We want to level the playing field for small businesses by giving them instant access to trusted local professionals. With SwiftQuote, business owners get real-time visibility, transparency and guaranteed savings. At the same time, service providers have all the tools they need to connect with new customers in their area. 

How we got started

Five years ago, we asked ourselves a simple question: why is it so hard to run a compliant business? Since then, we have made it our mission to help small business owners comply with regulations. 

It’s crazy that business owners still waste valuable time and energy having to research, call and manage service providers when booking a grease pump out.

On the flip side, service providers face many similar challenges. Countless online websites simplify buying clothes or ordering food, but there is nothing to help local service providers stand out, extend their reach and meet new customers.

So we built SwiftQuote, a free application that helps small business owners connect with trusted local service providers.

Complying with local regulations should be simple, effortless and affordable

At SwiftQuote, our mission is to connect business owners, trusted service providers, and local governments. 

Since 2015, we have been working with compliance teams and local businesses to protect their community’s water supply. We know the best way to do this is by making it easy for business owners to follow best practices and comply with local regulations. That’s why we created SwiftQuote.

How we can help

We want to power the local economy by connecting trusted service professionals with small business owners on one easy to use platform. We give customers looking to book a compliance service as an easy way to research, get a quote and book services in just a few clicks.

Service providers receive a ready to go personalised profile to increase their visibility instantly. Service providers  are also notified every time a customer requests a service that matches their offering and location.

Request free quotes

Enter your job requirements and service providers will bid on your request providing quotes to complete your request.

Compare local providers

Search and book trusted service providers based on reviews, price and availability.

Avoid regulatory fines

SwiftQuote integrates with local water companies to track compliance requirements and safeguard your business.

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Yorkshire Water trials new ‘engagement’ strategy to improve FOG policies in commercial kitchens

Around 1,000 restaurant businesses in the York area will receive specialist support and guidance to improve their management of cooking residues following a three-way partnership spearheaded by Yorkshire Water.

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How you can help keep Yorkshire blockage free

Only pee, paper and poo should go down the loo. Everything else, including food waste, should be put in the bin. Let leftover fat, oil and grease cool, then pour it into a suitable container and put it in the bin. Wipe pots and pans out with kitchen roll before washing up or placing in a dishwasher. A few simple changes in habits will help prevent the inconvenience and cost of repairs and help keep Yorkshire blockage free.

Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water tackled more than 25,000 sewer blockages in 2020

Problems in the sewer network are most often caused by foreign objects – such as wet wipes, sanitary products, cotton buds – being flushed down toilets and fats, oils and greases being poured down drains. These can become snagged and develop into large blockages that prevent sewage flowing through the network to wastewater treatment works.

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A data-led approach to clearing FOG

Water utilities have a major challenge working with local food businesses to prevent fats, oils and grease entering the sewer network, but a combined data and marketing approach could be the answer, SwiftComply founder and chief executive Michael O'Dwyer writes.

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